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Psychic Readings Available by Kimberlee Dawn in Edmonton

Kimberlee Dawn

Personal Readings (KD’s Famous Topic List)

  • Missing people and pets 
  • Career aptitudes 
  • Stress relief coping skills 
  • Creative muse 
  • Grief works 
  • Homicide and criminal case consultant


Small Business to Corporate Readings

  • Lectures 
  • Public appearances 
  • Special events 
  • Profiling 
  • Corporate espionage


Call 780-479-5052 for Details

Courses available for laymen to professionals, level 1 to 4 courses (i.e. beginners to advanced seniors). See


Entertainment Industry Consultant:

Movies, TV, music, novels, magazine, online writing, direction, production and locations.

KD has been the muse for many movies, TV shows, books, etc.


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